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"I have been working out for over 15 yrs. in that time i have packed on muscle but never really been happy with my definition. well the truth is i bought the tt manual a whole year before i actually used it. i struggled with seeing how shorter workouts could yeald better results. But after a year of trying to burn off the inches with my home made workouts, i decided it was time to give what Craig was saying a go. i really had nothing to lose, and if it didn't work well i would be no worse off. So i decided to stick with it, work hard but no longer than the manuel suggested and see what would happen. i also decided to be more commited on my diet to give it the best shot i could.at the begining of the i was 243lbs. After 3 weeks i lost 6lbs and can honestly say i kept my musecle on.after the 4th week i dropped another 1.5lb and am really happy with the way things are going. i am a father of 4 kids all under 8 and my 2 sons are autistic so we are a busy household to say the least, time is very valuable so i try and use it wisely and these tt workouts do the job in a big way within just 45mins - 1hr. i'm well impressed. keep up the good work Craig.."

Phil Follet, UK

"I am in week 22 of my Turbulence Training fitness regimen and I have been in love with it ever since I started the first week of 2007. I am doing TT workouts/intervals three times a week and playing tennis on at least two of my off days. I am 6'3", 28/M and my starting weight/body fat% was 208/18.4%. I started with the 30 Day Fat Loss program where I noticed results almost instantly. Diet had a lot to do with it as well. I have been following Dr. Mohr's plan and following the 90/10 rule, as my wife and I like to "throw
down" on the weekends. During the week, though, my diet is strict -eating lots of fruits/veggies (LOTS of Broccoli), natural almonds in prepackaged snack sizes, lots of chicken, turkey breast, and post workout protein shakes. After the 4 week Fat Loss program, I dove into the Original TT program. The mix of weight training with the high intensity intervals is the perfect fitness program. You are in and out of the gym in 1 hour and burn a ton of calories days after. Next I started the 4 week bodyweight which I finished while on vacation in Jamaica. I really didn't believe it would be difficult until I started it. WOW what a burn!! I have continued the TT programs,2K3 and am finishing up 2k4 this week. In these 5 months, I have upped my dumbell press weight 30 lbs from using 60s to 75s. I can't wait to start 2K5 next week and see where I can get my bench up to. After 22 weeks of TT, I am now down to 190 lbs and 10.8 % body fat. I would still like to put on 5 lbs. of muscle, but the way things are going, I know I can get there. Craig, thanks for the workouts, and keep 'em coming!!"

Nick Walters, New York City

"I'm 25 and was seriously overweight at the start of this year. On the 2nd of January I weighed in at 92kg (202lbs). I'm about 5'10"-5-11" and was very unhappy with myself. So I scoured the internet for advice and came upon the Men's Health site which then lead me to Turbulence Training?I've been doing the TT for Fat Loss Workouts and I'm up to the Original TT Workout. Well I now weigh 79.3kg after 5 months of training. I've lost nearly 28lbs. I want to take this opportunity to thank Craig for making your knowledge so accessible and your articles and blogs that not only make us think about our lifestyles, but encourage us to change them for better health."

Kevin Thow, Sydney, Australia

"First and formost let me thank you once again for the amazing workouts you have designed. I bought your TT workouts about 5 weeks ago and started with the 4-week bodyweight workout and now I have moved on to the Fusion Fat Loss Workout. In this very short time, I am absolutely stunned at the results it has given me. My body is burning fat like it's on fire!!! I am losing 0.68% of body-fat per week!!!

I had been doing a lot of other workouts before, but I never saw any major changes in my body until I started doing these amazing TT workouts!! It is not only reducing my body fat percentage, i have even gained a lot in terms of strength!!

Your TT workouts are so aptly named "turbulence training" as it truly creates turbulence in the metabolism!!!  (Just for ur info I suffer from Hypothyroidism, and the most I could do even while exercsing an hour everyday, was just about maintain a healthy weight) My weight has now moved in the lower end of the range of healthy weight and Oh boy, can I see the muslces moving when I move my body!!!! It gives me such a high!!! :)  And that is another plus point !!! It lifts ur spirits too!!!! One last point, i promise...Your  program has helped me lose body fat % from 26.63% to 21.66 % in just 6 weeks and am still losing @ 0.68% every week while still maintaining lean muscle mass!"
Juhi Desai

"I have been using your TT workouts for about 6 weeks now and I never want anything different! I've lost 13 pounds already! What I love about TT is the variety. All the different workouts, all the different excercises, they're all great.."

Jesse van der Velde



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